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Over the course of his career in men’s, women’s and home fashions, Stephen-Thomas  has worked with numerous retailers and brands including Umbra, Caban / Club Monaco, Oni One / Cecconi Simone and others. Outside of retail, Stephen-Thomas enjoyed working with the Toronto Fashion Incubator before turning his focus on the STM blog and working to promote an array of Toronto businesses. His experiences include sales, marketing, visual merchandising and other forms of brand presentation and communication. On instagram Stephen-Thomas has fun using #stmBEDsunday to promote brands and their products in a playful way. Stephen-Thomas holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Retail Business Management.


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Some fun facts:
– Has a passion for just about anything chocolate
– A simple black golf shirt is his favourite thing to wear
– Prefers green tea over coffee and watches 90’s sitcoms in rotation in his down time
– While his downtown Toronto apartment is mainly white, a fuchsia telescope stands in his living room adding a pop of colour

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