Define Your Normal

Ok, but really, define “normal” for me. What is normal for one person is not normal for another. (Note, this applies to all aspects of life.) Is normal a mom and dad, two kids, a dog and a picket fence? Or is normal a divorced couple with kids they take turns caring for and a dog that pees on the rug? Is normal going to business school and going to work for a big multi-national? Or is it dropping out of art school and starting a career as a painter by day and a security guard by night?

No Fucks GIven Lux And Black

Society tells us what we have to do and be in order to be labelled as normal and for my entire life I have longed to fit in with the rest. I turned 34 recently and I just realized something, when it comes to being normal and fitting in, I have no more f@cks to give. This is me. Take it or leave it. I don’t fit into many of the moulds I am supposed to, (and at nearly 6’5” tall I don’t fit in most cars, chairs, restaurant booths and beds.) So I think I am going to stop trying to be what they call normal.

What is more important is being happy. Maybe some things I do will seem normal, such as getting up for work everyday, meeting deadlines and working hard. Other things might not be what society defines as normal, but that’s ok and guess what, society is changing and the definition of normal is expanding. I might never get married, or even have a relationship, but that’s fine as long as I am doing what feels “normal” to me and fits my definition of the word. I have not clearly defined what normal means to me, but now that I have started to not give a f@ck about it, I think I might relax and take some time to find my normal. Gosh I hope it includes chocolate and socks because those are two things we all know I am addicted to!

Lux And Black is a London based company. Founder Nikki is by no means what one might call normal. (I wish she lived here in Toronto, because I think we’d get along.) She told me she has always been different than the crowd. (Same here Nikki!) She wanted to create a line of jumpers (that’s sweatshirts for us silly Canadians) and T-shirts that while incredibly, dare I say it, normal in design, allow you to show off your uniqueness in a big, often BOLD way with slogans that get the message across. They are great when you need to say something, but just cannot be bothered. I might start wearing the NO F@CKS GIVEN jumper and pointing at it when people start to tell me about things that I just can’t…. well you know. The line is available on her website, is filled with some awesome slogans and is designed to be gender neutral. With that in mind, get a few, share them with friends and pass them around.

My top three tips on how to wear these jumpers (sorry I am channelling my inner Londoner now and can’t stop saying jumper,) are…
1) Wear a white dress shirt underneath with the collar popped up.
2) Under an oversized blazer and a pair of faded jeans.
3) With a incredibly bright, loud, and or patterned pair of pants. (I am feeling paisley would do.)

Find everything Nikki has to offer at and if the next time we talk I stop you mid sentence and point at my NO F@CKS GIVEN jumper, please don’t be offended, I am clearly NOT NORMAL 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Steve your post made me laugh, think and brought back so many memories of living on Indian creek! Did not realize you are such a wonderful writer! Thanks for making my day! Please send me more! Reading such enlightening words is such a great change keep up the great work and always continue to be your normal


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