Socks Are A Better Gift Than Chocolate

Stephen Bites Socks

Socks don’t taste as good as chocolate, (I did a taste test) which is likely why during the holidays everyone is passing around chocolate and other sweets like they are going out of style, and not socks. Not that I am complaining. I mean you put a butter tart or a chocolate cookie in front of me and I will hoover that baby right up. If you know me well you know I have a chocolate addiction, but we can save that for another post.

Socks and Sweater

It is true though, we tend to jump to passing out sweets this time of year and I am totally guilty of it. I spent the better part of last weekend in the kitchen baking about twenty dozen cranberry chocolate chip cookies. While I never want to see another cookie again, go ahead and inbox me if you want the recipe. Just don’t try to ask me to make more! Ok, getting back to the socks, my point is, if you want to give something other than chocolate and sweets this holiday, why not give a fun sock subscription? Even if they do not taste as good!

Stephen Smiles With Socks

There are numerous sock subscriptions out there. They each have their own angle and I’d love to be signed up for them all, but I do really like my King X Portland sock subscription. Even if I did have to start another sock drawer… This Toronto based company is the only sock subscription that adapts fit and materials to match the season. Example, ankle in summer, business in fall, crew in spring and so on. So each month you open your little suprise mail pouch from the King X Portland elves and find the perfect pair for right now! It is like Christmas every month!

Stephen Pulling Socks Up

Speaking of Christmas, they keep things simple and helpful if you want to gift them to someone. There are two subscription options on The month-to-month is $12 a month, or sign up for a year, billed monthly at $10. But things get even easier when you send them as a gift using the Giftagram app which is loaded with all kinds of gifts, including boxed sets and subscriptions from King X Portland and other awesome companies. They even handle the shipping logistics for you with a courier. Santa has some competition!

Legs In Air With Socks

My most favourite part of this subscription though is they also include an awesome little inspiration card that gives style and outfit inspiration centered around that month’s sock. I don’t know about you, but I can always use a little inspiration, otherwise I just wear the same thing day in an day out.

OK, go be merry and bright and all that stuff this holiday season. And remember, if you don’t want to spend the entire weekend baking, just go to or search for them on the Giftagram app. If you head to the King X Portland website, try using promo code KXPBYSTEPHEN and you just might get your first month free on any sock subscription. 😉

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