I Hate Holiday Shopping

Appleton Estate Rum balanced on Yo Sox socs

The number one reason I hate holiday shopping? Easy. Some people are really hard to buy for. I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the bustle and the music and the decorations involving glitter that we will all be sweeping up until March, but I have a hard time deciding what to buy most of the people on my list.

Appleton Estate Rum Yo Sox Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski

One thing I have learned over the years though is that the vast majority of people will be glad to receive a bottle of something, especially during the holidays when we are trying not to lose it at the family or office Christmas party because Joe is there and he is… well being Joe. Oh come on, we all have a Joe in our lives. Yeah, you get it.

Appleton Rum Yo Sox Stephen-Thomas Macieojwski

Now as you know, I am a huge lover of fun socks. I have drawers of them and frankly would throw out my fridge, (chocolate does not need to be refrigerated and makes up most of my diet), in order to make room for a new dresser devoted to socks. So when Appleton Estate Rum announced they were partnering with YoSox to offer the perfect last minute gift idea for the holidays… well I started hoping I was on the receiving end of many last minute gifts.

Appleton Estate Rum YoSox Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski

This perfect duo includes a bottle of Appleton Estate Signature rum and one perfect pair of YoSox. Like me, this rum does not like to boast its age…(I have my own reasons) because it’s actually made of 15 aged rums thrown together to create the perfect blend. The result is a little citrus and a little woody all at once. Serve it with cola and an orange peel or jump over to appletonestate.com and check out two signature cocktails featuring this amber beauty. One is called the Estate Manhattan and the second is the Jamaican Mule which features ginger beer… (I’ll have two please!)


Appleton Estate Rum YoSox Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski

I suggest enjoying Appleton Estate Signature Rum responsibly this season while wearing the limited edition YoSox that come with it, available at the LCBO in Ontario for $28.45. Oh did I not also mention I suggest buying yourself a last minute gift… 😉

This post was sponsored. Please drink responsibly.

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