5 Questions With Noble Sole’s Patrick Cornish

Nobel Sole Shoe

He knows shoes. Noble Sole’s Patrick Cornish has created a line of footwear guys can wear for work and play. The best part though, no matter what attire you pair them with, you’ll feel like you’re laced into comfy sneakers. (Well, unless you get the slip on loafer 😉 )

Last year Noble Sole launched a Kickstarter campaign and blew their goal out of the water. OK, let us rephrase that, they blew their goal off the planet! This year Patrick has returned with an expanded collection in a new Kickstarter campaign, (which has ALREADY surpassed its goal) and the offerings are insane!

Click here to check out our post on Noble Sole last year in Huff Post. 

Nobel Sole Shoes in factory

The new line is still all about comfort and versatility and is made in a family owned factory in Portugal. (They know their sh#t over there when it comes to shoes. It’s like buying spaghetti and meatballs from Italy.)

Nobel Sole Patrick Cornish

We had five questions for Patrick about Noble Sole, shoes in general and being a Kickstarter success.

1) STM – When shopping for shoes, what are few things guys should look at to tell if a shoe is good quality and will last?

Patrick – The difference between a good shoe and a crap shoe is the materials used. Smell the shoe to make sure it smells like leather and not polyurethane. Check that the stitching is straight, the shoe isn’t too light, the leather retains its shape after being creased.

2) STM – It is a given you know a lot about shoes. What tips can you share on maintaining shoes?

Patrick – Keep them clean and use your shoe trees – really. They work!

3) STM – Which style is your personal favourite from your new collection and why?

Patrick – I’m a big fan of the oxford just because it’s so classic and versatile. Also really excited about the chelsea boots and am looking forward to unlocking those.

4) STM – Your last Kickstarter campaign did incredibly well and this one has already surpassed your goals. (Congrats!) Aside from having a great product, what do you think is key to achieving such success on Kickstarter for fashion brands?

Patrick – Thank you! Yeah, it’s been an incredible ride. People’s response to the product has been incredible and I’m very grateful for all the support. I think a big part of the success is in creating something that’s different from everything else on the market. You see a lot of “me too” products on crowdfunding platforms and if they don’t have a huge advertising budget behind them nothing much comes of them.

5) STM – OK, what is the verdict… Does the belt have to match the shoes always? Are there rules of when to match and when not to? What is your personal opinion?

Patrick – They should. The fashion police won’t shoot you if it’s not a perfect match. But wearing brown shoes and a black belt can be pretty visually jarring.

Nobel Sole Chelsea Boot

The style offerings in this collection now include a cap toe oxford, a wingtip, a no fuss loafer, a monk strap and the possibility of a chelsea boot unlocked at a stretch goal. The colour selection is perfect and the quality is totally there. The uppers are nappa leather, while the linings are calf leather and the insoles are a dense foam, resulting in a shoe that is going to mold to your foot, making them truly your’s.

Check out the Noble Sole Kickstarter video and campaign here. While the shoes are premium quality, the prices are not at premium levels. Seriously, you could walk into a high end department store and spend the same price on one pair that you would on two or three pairs from Noble Sole with their special multi pair pricing. You’re welcome!

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