Your Last Chance To Unplug This Summer

This is it, the final weekend of the summer. Your last chance to unplug and relax. I did just that earlier this month with some good friends including Canadian handbag designer Tarek Al-Azbat of Nella Bella and travel/fashion blogger Chenessa Lam, who if you ask me needs to add food to her repertoire since she clearly has an addiction. No really. 😉

We found a cottage in great old Ontario and made it home for a week. The key to the perfect cottage is having just the necessities and nothing more. Ok, ok a tv with a dvd player and a collection of 378 dvds including the entire James Bond franchise helps too, for those rainy days, as does a deck of cards. (How did I lose so many rounds of crazy eights? I swear Tarek was cheating. Or, maybe I really am just that bad… )

We all turned our cells off and made a pact to eat healthy… (Hello, that was a joke.) I am pretty sure I polished off the entire chip aisle and Chenessa made spider dogs. (Google them and be either impressed, or horrified.) I did manage to plow through some bananas and attempted to make a nightly salad because it is all about balance right?

When we were not watching movies, playing cards or puttering around the dock, I would wander off to read. Most days I don’t have time to read anything longer than 140 characters, but at the cottage my go to is a good thriller mystery. I highly recommend picking up Missing by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox or Chaos by Patricia Cornwell if you are looking for page turners. I often read under the covers into the wee hours of the night. What can I say, I like crime novels!

There were two things I did not do, and regret missing out on. The first was going for a hike. I would have, but James Bond needed my help and that bag of cheesies was not going to finish itself.

Of course the other thing I did not do, which is a huge Canadian past time at the cottage, is boating. Whether it be enjoyed in a canoe, kayak, speed boat or welcoming yacht, getting out on the open waters and gliding with the lake is a magical experience… which while we had an ample supply of canoes, we truth be told never got too them. Hey they were heavier than they looked. 😉

Anyways, this Labour Day Weekend is your last chance at summer. Get out there and enjoy it however you see fit. Just remember to pack your favourite clothes and live in them all weekend. For this trip I brought along some finds from Bench because I, unlike the adorable chipmunks, wanted to stand out in the forest. 😉

Photos: Tarek Al-Azbat

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