What Does It Take To Be An Original?

What do you have inside of you that is original? What ideas, thoughts, answers do you have waiting to get out? Be them small or extravagant, don’t you owe it to yourself to find out?

Above: Levi’s jeans circa 1890

What does it mean to be original? To be original you have to allow yourself the chance to do something new, something no one has done before. Tackle a problem. Find solutions. Do your own thing. Those who take the risk to be original have the opportunity to stand out.

Above: Actress Marilyn Monroe posing for a cover photo for “Life” Magazine.

In 1873 a man named Levi Strauss and a tailor in Nevada by the name of Jacob Davis tried something. They put metal rivets on the points of strain on pants and thus created the Levi’s 501. It was the perfect example of doing something simple, yet different and how being original can result in the creation of an icon.

Above: Levi’s jeans circa 1937

144 years after their inception, the 501 has been a part of so much. From their early days as worker garments, to being worn in movies on the rears of Brando and Monroe. Through the Peace Movement of the 60s and 70s fighting for change, followed by being part of the tech movement in the 80s and 90s, (Mr. Jobs sure liked them.)

Above: Actor Marlon Brando in Levi’s

These seemingly simple pants have been part of so much. The thing about being original is you don’t need to be complicated. Simple and effective often works as it allows you to cross borders, cultures and to last for decades adapting to whatever you may encounter.

Above: Levi’s special edition 2017 #501day men’s jeans

So go ahead and be original. See where it takes you and who knows, maybe one day something you are part of will also land in the the Smithsonian, (permanent collection of course.)

Above: Levi’s special edition 2017 #501day men’s trucker vest

To celebrate the birthday of the 501, Levi’s has released a limited edition capsule collection covered in images that give a nod to the musical artists who wore the 501 and the cities they played in. Go, be original and see where it takes you!

Photos owned/courtesy of Levi Strauss & Co.

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