Change Is Good

I am not good with change. Change scares me and I bet it scares a lot of you out there reading this right now. We get used to having things a certain way and get comfortable knowing what to expect. That said, change can be good.

I was terrified to leave my former career and branch out into something new where I would have a regular nine-to-five, (well, almost nine-to-five) a few years ago. Would I like the work? Would my new coworkers and clients like me? Most importantly, would my coworkers laugh at me when I jammed the copier machine or forget my access code?

My career change turned out to be a good change and in less than two years I was offered a new position with a new organization and a new job title that jumped up two rungs on the STM career ladder. Looking back now, these changes were not that scary and in many ways were connected stepping stones.

I am also not good at change when it comes to my wardrobe. If you let me, I will wear a solid dark colour polo shirt to my super casual office everyday for the rest of my life. (No lie!) So when Frank + Oak asked me to give their new Style Plan a whirl my first thought was, “Uh, what if they don’t have solid coloured polos?” Yup, scared of change, (and incredibly predictable) over here. Then I reminded myself it was a clothing subscription plan, not something life altering like, you know, brown eggs vs white eggs at the grocery store. So I decided to go with change and try something new with Style Plan. Hey I can cancel anytime, so what do I really have to lose and there are way more important things in life to worry about!

With Style Plan at Frank + Oak you save up to 25% and get up to 4 items shipped to you either monthly or bi-monthly. (Skip or pause at any time.) You answer some questions about what you like or don’t like and Frank + Oak curates a collection based on your tastes for you to shop from. They take the guess work out of shopping. If you don’t use the full value of what you can purchase each month, it roles over. Style plan costs $89CAN ($79US) per month, but if you click here I’ll get you $30 off your first month.

So what did I get? Instead of buying ANOTHER polo I chose this casual linen button up, which I think will be perfect for summer at the office, (followed by patios after work.) I also nabbed these dress shorts which I love the fit of, in a crisp clean navy.

So even if I am not good with change, I realize it is good for me. One big change helped my career and took me down a new path I am currently enjoying. Changing my shopping habits and trying something new with Style Plan brought some new items into my closet and I have a good feeling I will be reaching for this shirt and shorts weekly this summer. Plus who knows what other change this might lead to… Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go change.

To learn more about Style Plan with Frank+Oak and get $30 off your first month, click here.

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