How To Be Frank

Let’s be honest. Some decisions are hard to make! We’ve all been there. A or B? This or that? Should I or should I not? What are the opinions of my peers who I value and trust? In our fast paced world we make decisions constantly and I for one can easily be overwhelmed.

With my blog one of my favourite types of posts to do are my #stmCOVERED where I cover a fashion event and pick out my top looks from the runway. It may sound fun… but after sitting through the shows, reviewing all my camera phone pictures and then going image by image looking at the professional shots from the camera pit (shout out to the hard working photographers)… it can get overwhelming. I have been limiting myself to 12 looks which is no easy task when you are dealing with literally hundreds of images.

Frank Mobile App solved this conundrum for me this fashion week season. Its an easy to use platform I was invited to try out before they launched full steam ahead. I was able to share images from the runway with my friends, family and my extended family… (my awesome dedicated followers) and get their opinion on looks that had made the first cut.

I would get to a point in the selection process where I was deciding between two options, jumped on the the Frank Mobile App and asked people which one they liked the most, (already knowing I liked both but could not decide.) It was easy to send the question to people I was already in contact with or I could choose to shoot the question out into the Frank Mobile App stratosphere and have people from all over the world answer anonymously.

The looks that came out on top ended up being the ones deep down I already knew were the right choice, but needed someone to point me in the right decision. Is that not what it is like in real life? You know the answer deep down, but something is hiding it from you? Frank helped me find those answers and made it fun and easy to do.

Once I used the app for this and saw how easy it was I started thinking how else I could use it in my life and the options were limitless. Want relationship advice? Can’t decide what to wear? Need some feedback on your job performance? Want to gauge customer reaction on a new product? Cannot decide what major to take at school? Jump onto Frank and ask people to be “Frank” with you. What’s even better? The fact that they can answer you anonymously means it is easier for them to tell you the truth and not be worried about jeopardizing your friendship.

Frank is simple to use, has lots of options with the types of questions you can ask and more an more people are joining in. I even find it really interesting to scroll through the anonymous questions I get sent and answer them. Makes you realize, we are all the same because we are all asking the same questions. Why not help eachother out and answer a few? Click here to check it out.

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  1. Zvi Fogel says:

    Loved it! Thanks for sharing!