Big Strong Delicate Guys Need These 4 Grooming Items

Aveda Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski So they say women are the fairer sex, but is that really true? Men are more likely to have to deal with skin sensitivity, itchiness, irritation, redness and other wonders attacking our skin and scalp. If you ask me, us guys are way more delicate than the gals. Thankfully Aveda developed PURE-FORMANCE, a line for us big strong delicate flowers and I took part of the line for a test drive.

Aveda Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski

Ok, I am going to be honest… In the shower I don’t jump around from shampoo to shampoo and typically buy the same one all the time, (FYI men are creatures of habit) but the smell of the PURE-FORMANCE Shampoo was incredible. It definitely soothed my scalp and my hair felt clean but not dried out or stripped. The website for Aveda boasts that 72% of guys experienced a reduction in oiliness and greasiness… I am guessing the other 28% were bald 😉

Aveda Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski
Again with the smell… the PURE-FORMANCE Conditioner smelled amazing and using it was like a mini aromatherapy session to start the day off. I let it soak in for a few minutes while I showered and on the days I did not want to use product in my hair, (what, some days I can’t be bothered), I just blow dried it on low and my hair was more cooperative than when I use my other conditioners. My hair did not feel “coated” in moister, but rather moisturised right through the hair strand… are you with me here?

Aveda Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski

I have been using hair product since before high school. From gels to pomades and pastes, I’ve plastered a “dime sized” amount or more of just about everything on my head, often mixing two together to get the perfect consistency.  The PURE-FORMANCE Paste is made from 93% naturally derived ingredients and was not sticky like other brands. (Listen, at a certain age using something called a “glue” in your hair is a simple no!) Instead it covered each strand increasing the visual thickness of my hair and provided a truly light flexible hold. If you are looking for helmut head, this product is not for you. If you want something a bit more natural, this is a must try.

Aveda Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski

Lastly I lathered on the PURE-FORMANCE Shave Cream. It applied smoothly and covered my neck easily and evenly. Of course the key to shaving is to shave after a hot steamy shower and to let the cream sit for at least a minute and soften the hairs, which I did. No complaints here! This shave cream worked well and left my skin feeling soft and smooth post blade.

All in all, I enjoyed testing out the PURE-FORMANCE line from Aveda and I could easily add them into my daily regime. All four are now #stmAPPROVED. Give them a try and let me know your thoughts.

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