TOP 12 Toronto Men’s Fashion Week F/W 2017

Each season at Toronto Men’s Fashion week I choose my favourite looks straight from the runway. Every designer has their own aesthetic and are influenced by many factors. The looks I choose have to not only impress me, but also be something I believe will sell.

For additional help this season I enlisted the help of anonymous people from around the globe using the Frank Mobile App available for both iOS and Android. I will post more about this process later this month.

Now, let’s take a look at this season’s winners.

Tailored Top 3:

I don’t wear suiting often but respect the time and precision that goes into making a well tailored garment. These jackets stood out for me due to their cut and style. From classic with colour, to sexy with texture and finally playful and bright, these three jackets had my attention and got me thinking maybe I need more tailoring in my closet.

1 – Zane Barlas@ZaneBarlas
2 – Xian@Xian.Official.Insta
3 – Kenneth Barlis @KennethBarlisFashion

Streetwear Top 3:

While I often break the rule, you really should never leave the house without showing a sense of style. Streetstyle clothes tend to be reserved for the urban youth or those working in a more relaxed atmosphere. These three looks are easy to wear, have a confident yet relaxed attitude and are ready to move with you city wide.

1 – Hip And Bone – @HipAndBone
2 – Kollar – @KollarClothing
3 – Xian – @Xian.Official.Insta

Outerwear Top 3:

Welcome to Canada where it is cold 13 months of the year, well almost. Outerwear is important here and it is easy to wear basic black, but some refuse to be boring.  I will never say no to a new coat and am saying yes to these three now.

1 – Labelle – @LabelleLuxuryCoats
2 – Shelli Oh – @Shelli_Oh
3 – Hendrixroe – @Hendrixroe

Colour Confidential Top 3:

I was seeing alot of green on the runway at TOMFW. I never really liked the colour that much when I was younger but the older I get the more respect I have for it. Green allows you to add vibrance and energy without going too far. Each of these looks have very different styles, styles that the designers could have easily chosen to show predictably in black (and some did as well), but I applaud them for their choice. I am green with envy.

1 – Curtis Oland – @CurtisOland
2 – Kollar – @KollarClothing
3 –  Helmer Joseph – @HelmerJoseph

Congrats to all the designers on their collections this season. Applause to the organizers and volunteers of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Finally, thank you to Raymond Chow of who spent hours shooting and preparing the images used in this post. He survived the pigeons above the photographer pit at the end of the runway. (Fashion is not always as glamorous as you may think.)

Photos: Raymond Chow of CanadaWears.Ca


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