Glasses You’ll Forget You’re Wearing

Life is not supposed to be blurry, apparently. I recently had to start wearing glasses and since I get bored easily I like to switch them up often. Glasses can really change your look and help make a statement about who you are and where you want to go. [CLICK HERE TO JUMP TO VIDEO] That said I have some very specific requirements when it comes to the frames I plan to wear all day, especially at work. The main thing for me is I like to forget I am wearing glasses and not have the frame distract me.

There are enough things vying for my attention so the cleaner and simpler the frame, the better as far as I am concerned.  A thin round metal frame is one of the easiest styles to wear.

While silver tone metals are very common I like to be different. Yellow metals are having a comeback and definitely make a subtle statement when done right. These matte yellow metal wire frames are called The Big Timer. They boast a vintage flair and give the impression of being organized and professional with a dash of style. (I can use all the help I can get looking organized… have you seen under my bed?)

I choose these for days when I want to have a more serious vibe. (You know, meetings with the big boys and girls who I aspire to one day have their jobs.) They have a slightly more mature feeling to them and I find people take my word with more weight when I wear them. Well, depending on what I am talking about!

Of course I can’t be serious and mature all the time, (and rarely am because that can be boring), so I need glasses that are suited to days when I feel a little more creative. A chunky acetate has always seemed a tad more fun to me and while I do have some thick chunky blue ones I love, I have a hard time wearing those bad boys at work.

A clear acetate such as The Hester here are my answer to this conundrum! They achieve the chunky look but since they are clear, all but disappear from my line of sight once on.


If you enjoy growing your collection of glasses as much as I do, jump on over to the Vint & York website to browse vintage inspired styles of eyewear. Both of these pairs are from them and they handled my prescription in a flash. The prices are affordable (so it is easy to build your collection) and they shipped super fast!

Photos: STM

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