5 Easy Steps To Your Best Shave

4-semi-full-ckWant to look your best everyday? It starts with your shave. You may be surprised to know when it comes to shaving many guys, (myself included) are skipping steps or simply doing it all wrong. What is the biggest sign you have room to improve your shave technique? Little red irritated bumps! If you are going to take the time to pick out the right tie, shoes and watch, why not take the time to also follow these 5 Easy Steps to ensure you are getting the most out of your shave?

18-cropped-ckOf course you want to use the right products as well and right now I am testing out King’s Crown Enriched line. Learn more in the steps below.

STEP #1: Start with a clean face.


For the easiest and best results start with a clean canvas. Use a facial cleanser that exfoliates your skin removing any dead skin cells and daily dirt, which can clog your multi layered razor blade systems. This ensures a clean blade swipe and reduces tugging and aggravation. (Seriously guys… if your blades are jammed with junk how are they supposed to cut?)

1-sq-kcTIP: Wash your face in the shower first and don’t bother turning the fan on. Let the bathroom get fogged up. The humidity will help soften your beard more so. Here I am using the King’s Crown Enriched Facial Cleanser. Since it is packed with organic essential oils it works to not only exfoliate but moisturize making the hair softer and easier to cut.

STEP #2: Use a rich shaving cream.


Apply a thick moisturizing layer of shaving cream and let sit and be absorbed for 1 to 3 minutes. This further softens the beard while rejuvenating tired stressed skin. Shaving cream allows your razor to glide smoothly causing less friction or irritation and is a visual indicator of areas covered. Going over the same area multiple times is a recipe for those nasty little red bumps. There are two kinds of shaving cream and ways to apply them.

13-cropped-ckTraditionally men used a shaving soap and a badger brush made from real badger hair. The brush helped to exfoliate the skin and prepare it. Less men do this today, opting for face cleansers as mentioned above. For those of you who do, however, want to get your bader on, check out these brush systems.

16-cropped-ckThe modern, quicker format is to use a foam or gel and apply with your hands in a circular motion. Here I am using the King’s Crown Ultra Rich Shaving Cream. It sits heavy on the skin staying in place so areas the blade has already covered are obvious. You’ll note above it’s not foaming. That’s fine. Foaming is just air bubbles and air does nothing to moisturize. (Are you seeing a theme here guys? It is all about clean and moisturized.)

Step #3: Shave with a sharp razor and choose your direction.


If your blade is not sharp it will have to work harder and will tug on the hair causing… you guessed it, irritation. (Clearly you are starting to catch on!) Gliding your razor in the same direction as the hair growth reduces chances of irritation, however going against the grain produces a closer shave.

In either case, go slow and be precise to avoid having to go over the area multiple times. TIP: Invest in a weighted and balanced handle. If weighted properly, it will apply the appropriate pressure continuously for you, meaning all you have to do is steer.

19-cropped-ckConsider the environment as well. Using a reusable handle such as these is more environmentally friendly than using a traditional disposable razor. TIP: You can order blades from many online suppliers in bulk.

Step #4: Rinse your face well with cold water.

9-cropped-ckRinsing removes any remaining product and cut whiskers on your face. Cold water will sooth the skin while tightening and closing newly cleaned out pores.

Step #5: Moisturize the skin and beard for the day.


Historically guys applied an after shave to finish things off here. After shave was mainly an anti-sceptic applied to the skin, especially if there were any little cuts, (hence the noted sting!) Today this step has been replaced with, (yup you guessed it), moisturizing!

15-cropped-ckThe King’s Crown Enriched Moisturizer has vitamin C which energizes the skin and is fast absorbing for a non greasy clean natural finish. If you have facial hair like I do, it is important to moisturize it and the skin beneath as well. This is extremely important as your beard absorbs on average 25% of your skin’s natural moisture which causes it to become irritated and itchy. A beard oil is recommended but at the very least use your facial moisturizer on it as well.

Let’s re-cap those 5 Easy Steps:

#1: Start with a clean face.
#2: Use a rich shaving cream.
#3: Shave with a sharp razor and choose your direction.
#4: Rinse your face well with cold water.
#5: Moisturize the skin and beard for the day.

Follow the above five easy steps and you are sure to improve your shave technique and put your best face forward everyday… (unless you sleep in… as I often do, oops!)

Want a pro to work their magic and get you the closest shave? The team at King’s Crown have an exclusive Toronto luxury grooming studio featuring shave masters with minimum 10 years under their belt (and blades.) Trust me, it’s an incredible experience many men in the area enjoy weekly, but it also makes for a fun bachelor party or some one-on-one time for fathers and sons. Check them out here.

Have a great morning guys!

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