Why Do We Still Wear Watches?

3-jordYour smart phone does just about everything, replacing many objects we not so long ago relied heavily on. Your desktop calendar? Gone. Your camera? Gone. Your MP3 player? Gone. A compass and a map. Are you kidding me? Not only does it tell you the time, offer up your email and some pissed off birds, but with a few swipes it can even help you find your next date… and then the fastest route home when it goes horribly wrong. (Hey we have all made a swipe error, it’s ok!)

1-scarf With all this in mind, why do we keep wearing traditional watches? The answer is style! While I stopped wearing a wrist watch for utilitarian purposes years ago and now rely on my phone’s screen, I believe a watch helps finish an outfit and says a little something about you.

6-jordMy style is fairly classic and I enjoy finding accessories, such as a unique watch or different eye wear to add some character. For some time now, wood accessories have been becoming more and more popular. Not only is wood light weight, but it can also be better for the environment compared to plastics and metals in many cases.

Jord offers a range of wood watches and recently I was asked to choose my favourite. I chose the Frankie in dark sandalwood and emerald. While the rim and band are very refined, the face in emerald green offers just the right pop of colour. I also like that the colour green represents freshness and energy, which are two things I need on a daily basis with my crazy life!


If you are looking to gift a watch this season, check out the Jord collection for her by clicking here or the Jord collection for him by clicking here. As a bonus I have teamed up with them to get you $25 off your purchase, just click here before December 18th, 2016.


Why stress out over wrapping? These wood Jord watches come delivered in a solid wood box making for great gift presentation. Simply opt for adding a bow and call it a day! PS I won’t judge you if you decide to gift it to yourself 😉

Happy Holidays! [Click here to watch the related video.]

Photos: STM

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches known for woods from around the world!


Watches Made From Wood


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