How To Save Your Clothes From Everyday Life [Video]


Want to learn how make you clothes last longer and save money? Then you have come to the right place! In my latest video with Huffington Post I talk HOW TO SAVE YOUR CLOTHES FROM EVERYDAY LIFE and you will be surprised how simple and effective these little tricks can be!

Accidents happen and they often happen to me in the form of stains involving my lunch or my BIC pen. I used to throw clothes out when this happened and spend so much money replacing them, then I learned these little tricks to help me deal with “accidents.”

Why do I keep hair spray on hand at all times? Sure it helps keep my hair in place on those windy days but why would I ever recommend spraying it on your clothes? Find out by watching my Huffington Post video by clicking here.

Baby powder as part of your laundry arsenal? Yes I insist it is a must and no it has nothing to do with staying fresh. Find out what wardrobe killer the powdery white stuff can help erase by clicking here.

Dark wash laundry detergent is a must! Why do I say this? Find out in the video!16-lay-flat-sweater
Why is this sweater laid out on a towel? No, it’s not sunning itself at the beach. It is busy staying in shape. Find out what I mean in the video.

Have a tip you want to share? I would love to hear it! Tweet me by clicking here with your tips and lets all save each other some time, money and aggravation.


Photos: STM

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