Style Hacks For Tall Guys [Video]


Being tall has its advantages. I myself am 6’5” (but like to tell people 5’17”) and can always reach the top shelf, but there are some disadvantages as well. Finding clothes that fit can be a huge problem. In a recent video I did for the Huffington Post I shared some of my favourite Style Hacks For Tall Guys to help my fellow tall comrades out. Click here to watch the video.

STM Camel Coat

POST Pants 3 copyFirst up pants. They are never long enough for me. When I was a teen and could not find jeans that were the proper length, after taking them out of the wash, my father and I used to play tug of war trying to stretch them an extra inch. While this provides hours of entertainment, it is not ideal. Working my first job in fashion, (sales at one of Canada’s oldest menswear banners) I learned from a seamstress you can let the hem down on many pants and sometimes add extra fabric to create a false hem. It many cases this turns those 34” inseams into 36s” in a snap!

Purple Tie Telescope

Another issue I have is with shirts. Anything long sleeve is too short in the sleeves and the body always comes untucked! With dress shirts I have learned they often come in regular and tall cuts, just like suits. The next time you are shopping for a dress shirt, ask the sales associate for a long or tall cut, which typically means the sleeve is longer than 34”.

POST Shirt 2

Another great trick is to get your shirts custom made. Today there are many affordable online options where you enter your measurements and they will custom build a shirt to fit you, ship it direct and keep the measurements on file for future orders. Even if at the end of the day these shirts cost you a little more, what’s a few extra dollars for something that actually fits and you feel good wearing compared to something that is uncomfortable and ill fitting off the rack?

POST Somins Site 4.14.48 PM copy

My last tip? Don’t be afraid to shop online. Retail stores only have so much space and cannot always offer a full size range, but online they often offer larger size runs. I have found a few stores online that offer my sizes and I visit them often, (especially during sale season.) Return policies online have gotten much better than when online shopping first came about and shipping is usually free once you hit a certain dollar value. The best part though, is shopping at 2am in your underwear.

STM at green wall

At the end of the day it does not matter how much you paid for any item, if it is designer or store brand. All that counts is that it fits your properly, helping you look presentable. I don’t know how many times I have gotten compliments on garments that were incredibly inexpensive, but just happened to fit properly.

Happy shopping gents!

Click here to watch the full video on Huffington Post.

Photo credits: Smitten Sophie, Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski, retailer websites and a few good friends 😉

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