Fall Essentials For Guys [Video]

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As summer slips away and fall sets in it is time to pack up those short shorts and reach for some more seasonally appropriate attire. If you are like most people, you will likely head out to buy some new fall finds. This year, why not invest in key essential pieces that you can come to rely on year after year? While it’s fun to have the latest styles, they won’t always last more than a year or two, however classic pieces have lasting power. In a recent video I did with Huffington Post I covered my favourite Fall Essentials For Guys. Click here to watch the full video.


The standard white dress shirt with a fine dark blue stripe is a true staple. The great thing about this item is you can grab it almost anytime of the year and pair it with anything to create various looks.


From jeans to dress pants, this shirt just works. Invest in one that fits well and when it starts to look worn, throw it out and buy a new one.


A must in every man’s wardrobe is the timeless trench coat. While the style of the trench will change ever so slightly each year, find a well cut, well made trench and you can make it last. Black and beige reign as popular colours for the trench, but if you are wanting to be a little different, go for navy.


When it comes to introducing colour into your fall wardrobe take cues from the natural environment around you. While everyone else does this with accessories or frumpy sweaters, be bold and feature them in your pants. A rich burgundy tone can easily be worn every autumn as long as you are mindful of the cut currently in vogue and don’t go completely off the mark.


For footwear the fall calls for a good boot. Go with a genuine leather that can be cared for easily with polish and look for something clean and simple.


As you can see, I have paired these first essentials together to create a look perfect for the work week, but we need style come the weekend as well…


From the 1950s and 60s beatniks to today, the turtleneck has never really gone out of style and truth be told, it is one of my favourites in the cooler months.


If you are new to the turtleneck, start with black. Depending on the fabric, weave and fit, you can wear it with everything from a suit to jeans. A fine wool knit works well under that blazer while it’s heavier cotton version pairs well with jeans.


The army jacket left the trenches a long time ago when war time heroes came home and could not part with it. Today it’s a fall fashion staple for men and women. Find one that is well made and that you feel like yourself in and go rock it with confidence. I myself have had mine for close to a decade and still receive compliments. Look for one with lots of pockets and your hands will be free for all sorts of fall weekend fun around the city.


I next kicked things up just a notch with gold instead of generic tan pants. These pants also take cues from the turning leaves as do the burgundy ones, but are slightly more subtle.


Don’t be afraid to go super casual and trust the classic footwear brand Converse to finish off your weekend look. The ChuckII is a new improved take on the original with some extra modern detailing and improved comfort.


These three rather non descript basics paired together make the perfect weekender outfit ready for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and a first date or a hike in the woods with your besties.

This fall invest in your essentials, but before you do, discover my number one fashion tip by clicking here to watch the full video on Huffington Post.

On Figure: Tarek Al-Azbat
Lay Flat: Stephen-Thomas Macieojwski

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