Patio perfect essentials for him. [Outfit Post]

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Summer nights are for patio dinners and patio dinners deserve comfort and style. It’s no secret, I love golf shirts and consider them the ultimate in comfort for menswear. If you run into me on the street there is a good chance I am in a solid black or dark blue golf. They are my uniform and a happy medium between a boring T-shirt and a dress shirt. All the comfort of a T-shirt, snazzed up a bit with a collar.

1000 1600 1000 Shirt Zara

I was in Zara recently and stumbled upon this burgundy patterned golf at a whopping original price around $25. It’s part of their pre-fall collection and I love how the collar and arm bands are solid while the rest of the shirt has a micro pattern giving it a bit more of a refined look.

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Something about the style of this piece reminded me of the confidence Ryan Gosling’s character had in the movie Crazy Stupid Love… you know the movie, (Emma Stone’s famous line is, “It’s like you’re photoshopped!”  Maybe you won’t get the reference, but the point is I put it on and I just felt good.

1000 1600 1000 shorts zara

Of course one cannot leave the house only wearing a shirt, so I paired my new favourite shirt with some linen shorts with a rope draw string I scored in the Zara sale section. Who doesn’t love a sale? To be honest I missed having a belt at first. Don’t ask me why! This quickly changed and I was out the door to meet friends for a leisurely patio dinner. (In Toronto during the summer, if you are not leaving the patio you are headed there!)

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Oh wait, I almost forgot my ginormous feet! For summer I love my white classic canvas Converse which, yes, if you look very closely at have little mini golf shirts drawn on them. What, I took the term “canvas” literally and turned them into my own canvas for another shoot and still wear them to this day!

1000 1600 1000 Converse Patio Nights copy

If you need a place in Toronto to grab a bite, try Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village. The patio felt backyard urban chic and the food… just order everything, (that’s what we did!)

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On location photos by the talented Chenessa Lam of Style Empire.

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