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I met Miriam Baker in early 2013 as she was preparing to enter a design competition with the Toronto Fashion Incubator. She seemed timid at first yet driven and poured her heart and soul into her work. Now, nearly three years later (and having won that competition no less,) this young designer is moving forward with her business and perfecting her craft as she tackles the Canadian fashion industry.

In this #stmINTERVIEWED Miriam Baker talks about growing bust sizes, the trends she sees coming down the catwalk next and what drives her.

We are changing womens’ sizing one dress at a time.

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STM – Your line is designed with the woman with a larger bust in mind. How did you decide to go this direction and what are some things you consider when designing for your target client?

Miriam – Women are dissatisfied with the current clothing sizes offered by retail outlets and we felt inspired to find a solution. The average bust size has increased to a D over the past 30 years so we developed a specialized fit to cater to those curves. I like to say we are changing womens’ sizing one dress at a time.

We always design to fit and flatter curves. Our dresses and blouses will never pull or gape across the chest, show bra, have painfully tight armholes, or flatten the chest.

The learning curve isn’t a curve at all…

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STM – What have you learned about the fashion industry in the last two years?

Miriam – Everything. I knew nothing two years ago. The learning curve isn’t a curve at all, it’s a steady incline.

All I want to do is make clothes for women with big boobs.

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STM – What trends do you see coming down the catwalk in the next 6-18 months that you are excited to see, regardless of if they find space in your own line?

Miriam – For Fall 17/18 I think we’re going to see a lot of A-line silhouettes with a focus on the waist, deep V-necks, lounge inspired silhouettes, long lengths, and oversized pockets.


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STM – What are you working on right now to move your business forward?

Miriam – Right now we are working on our Spring 17 line and trying to get into more stores.

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STM – What motivates you to keep going in this competitive industry?

Miriam – All I want to do is make clothes for women with big boobs. I will keep going until bust-friendly fashion is a recognized sizing category.

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STM – Who are you most thankful you have met who has contributed to your current success in some way?

Miriam – My customers and everyone on the team 🙂

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When she is not in the design studio Miriam Baker tells me she loves bubble baths, wine and friends… in no particular order.

Learn more about this award winning designer and her line at and follow @miriam_baker_ on instagram.

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All photos courtesy of designer.

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