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I hate spring and fall. Ok, that’s a lie. I actually love them both but they aggravate me because I never know what to wear! It’s cool, but not too cool. It’s warm, but not too warm. Cut to me in a parka with shorts and flip flops. Hot right? So this spring I paid a visit to the team at Convey, a trendy store on Queen West in Toronto where they just launched their men’s department filled with cool brands you likely won’t find elsewhere in Canada. They helped me find a few pieces that are weather appropriate, easy to wear and perfect for mix and matching.


c2 Jacket 14 IMG_9582 copy



Before I head out for the day I always check the weather app to help me select which jacket to wear. This time of year though, I somehow mess it up half of the time. Stupid weather! That said, you will never look over dressed or underdressed for the weather in a classic trench like jacket come spring or fall.

This camel coloured coat from the brand I LOVE UGLY goes with everything and I am a sucker for side slit pockets where my hands can warm up if it’s chillier than expected. Of course living in an urban environment I need something to carry my life around in and my trusty Nella Bella bag (top photo) just made sense to me with the outfit with pops of red on the handles adding some excitement. What’s in the bag? Buy me some chocolate and we can talk 😉


c Sweater 3 IMG_9602 Sweater Shop Convey

I like comfort and what is more comfy and easy to wear than a sweatshirt? I have a few favourites which I wear ALL THE TIME. I am sure you do too. When I saw this one from HANDSOM with its palm leaves snazzing it up I thought, “OK now we are talking.” Throw it on with your shorts for a walk along the beach one cool summer night, or pair it as done here with a white dress shirt for a “I’m pretending to be preppy” look.


c Shirt 6 IMG_9626 Shirt

Speaking of the dress shirt, you can NEVER go wrong with a plain white one no matter the occasion, (aside from changing the oil on your car…which for that I recommend wearing a pink tutu instead… obviously.) Look for one with a little something extra, like this one from I LOVE UGLY with the placket hiding the buttons down the front. In my opinion this ups the design factor and is great for when you flex and pop a button off and don’t want anyone to see it’s missing. (Oh who am I kidding? Mine only pop off because I eat too much… yes I will have another slice… thank you very much…)

c Jacket 8 IMG_9661

Of course I paired everything with some great basic denim of my own and to kick it up a notch some brown leather shoes, instead of my go to sneakers. (Tip get them with a rubber sole if you walk around the concrete jungle as much as I do.) To dress this look up for the office, swap out the denim for some navy blue slacks. Feeling creative, ditch the laces that came with the shoes and add in navy or red ones.

c Shirt 8 IMG_9621

Head to Convey to find more men’s fashion and don’t worry if you show up over dressed or underdressed for the weather… at the end of the day if you start doing jumping jacks everyone will be distracted anyways.

Convey is located at 754 Queen Street West in Toronto. It’s owned by two sweet gals who love fashion and know how to hire awesome people to help you in store when they happen to be out scouring the globe for more fashion finds.1 c Jacket 17IMG_9550

3 C Sweater 1

On figure photos: Mark St James.
Lay flats: STM

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