Top 3 Picks: Big FAT Roundup 2016

Fat 2016 Interior

The annual Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) fashion week is a lively week of events with fashion runway presentations at its core.  Creators of fashion, art, dance, music and beyond band together under the leadership of event organizer Vanja Vasic and the rest of the FAT team to present five evenings that celebrate creative talent.

In this #stmCOVERED I divide the fashion into six categories and choose my top three looks for each. Take a look below and decide if you agree or disagree.

Even at a show known more for its more artistic/editorial offerings, many commercial looks were showcased for women and as a former retailer, these looks get my nod of approval.

Womenswear FAT2106

1 – Sarah Splinter – @sarahsplinter
The colour of this ensemble won my heart. Something calm and powerful about the cool turquoise blue paired with the metallic pattern.

2 – Nuvango – @nuvango
Short shorts and a long sleeve jacket together are sexy and powerful. Black and white is timeless and translates for summer by putting white as the predominate player. Pops of blue bring the energy of the Nuvango brand to the look reminding us their line starts with the art.

3 – Feyanki Law –
This black dress has a classic silhouette but fabric and construction choices give it a modern feel. Pay close attention to the skirt with the mixed materials giving extra volume and dimension.


Commercial ready-to-wear menswear presented at FAT 2016 focused on casual streetwear. Many lines included solid basics styled with more fashion forward pieces.

Menswear FAT2016

1 – Sun Sun- @sunsun503
f you are going to invest in the trends but want to find ways to help them last more than a season, going black and white helps. Love the pattern and cut of this extra long shirt but would never want it some wild colour combo. The black and white lets the cut and print do all the talking. Plain black leather joggers can be dressed up or down with a little creativity.

2 – Neoteny – @neotenyapparel
oys can wear crop tops too! (Well, ok its a jacket of sorts but it works well providing extra coverage where we all need it on the upper back and shoulders. Extra points for styling with the printed shirt. Together these items balance each other off.

3 – Nuvango – @nuvango
Basics are never basic at Nuvango. Quality active garments are brought to life with artistic prints allowing them to become acceptable fashion pieces ready to be paired with your more fashionable sportswear for day-to-day.


Fashion Is Art
The name of the week is Fashion Art Toronto, so it is only fitting that a slew of designers showing illustrated their talents as artists playing with the medium of fabric. These top three looks blend the worlds of art and wearable fashion well.

Fashion Is Art

1 – Fiona X. Sun
Make a statement with this textured a-symmetrical cape. The details on the single side panel take it from ordinary to front page of the style section ready.

2 – Maya Charbin – @mayacharbin
Known for convertible styles, Charbin showed a unique, wearable and artistic line on the runway with a smart presentation which brought the designer out front illustrating how each garment can be flipped, turned and reversed to be worn a new way. 

3 – Iskon Mode – @iskonmode
The oversized collar mixed with the vibrant purple and multi tone mix and match stripes will turn heads and make you feel damn good.


That Dress Though!
A fashion week including women’s wear is not complete without a few comment worthy gowns.

That Dress Though FAT 2016

1 – Sarah Splinter – @sarahsplinter
For the ultimate girly look, Splinter floated this fairy like gown down the runway any princess would have a ball wearing to, well the ball. 

2 – Nuvango – @nuvango
Ready for the gallery opening? You are in this dress from Nuvango. The simplicity of the cut lets the print do all the talking.

3 – Andy Jones – @misterandyjones
Jones brought middle eastern vibes to the runway with this flowing gold gown.


Feeling Naughty
FAT never fails to deliver a good dose of kinky. From feathers and corsets to bondage babes and even some ornate jocks, FAT 2016 was ready for a good time.

Feeling Naughty

1 –  Starkers Corsetry – @starkerscorsetry 
Find your inner show girl with a corset from Starkers Corsetry and get ready for some hanky-panky.

2 House of Etiquette – @etiquettelatex
Nothing like a little latex to feel naughty and in charge all at once.

3 – M Line – @m_line_4u
With jock straps from M Line, boys will be boys and little bit more 😉


Fun On The Runway
Unlike other runways shows, FAT delivers more than just your typical strut up and down. Designers brought everything from David Bowie tribute shows to tongue and cheek shockers.

Fun On The Runway

1 – Wallace Playford – @wallaceplayford
Playford gave the peeps in the photography pit more than they expected with a final pose nearly revealing it all.

2 – Evan Biddell – @biddell
Were we at a fashion show or a rock show? Biddell served up a presentation that played a tribute to David Bowie both in fashion and presentation.

3 – Amplify Apparel – @amplifyapparel
Sometimes you just need to AMP it up and Amplify Apparel did just that with the loudest eye catching art meets fashion combinations you can imagine.

Congratulations to all of the designers, artists, performers and organizers on another successful installment of Fashion Art Toronto. It was a pleasure attending.

Photos by Raymond Chow of

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