Throwing A One-Two Punch With Bench Canada

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Every now and again I join Bench Canada for a fun #BenchAdventure. From ping pong to axe throwing, everything is game. Last week we had the chance to take a kickboxing class at Toronto’s Big Hit Studios. Bench’s Multipurpose City Performance Clothing line was well suited for this kickass activity. (Above photo by Robert Okine)

1 E Bench BagPhoto: STM

Having never taken a kickboxing class before, I nabbed some basics I knew I would be able to move in and to stay hydrated scooped up a metal water bottle. You have to stay hydrated no matter if you are on a #BenchAdventure or an adventure of your own!

2 Bench Adventure

Photo: Robert Okine

The class was tough but fun. Our instructor took the time to illustrate each combination and kept pushing us to go, “five more” as we neared the end of each set. The music was pumping and the sweat was flowing. We all had a blast and took out our kickboxing “Bobs.” Best group workout class I have done in years!

Get a better look at what Bench clothing soaked up my sweat below and the next time you are in need of an exhilarating workout, head over to Big Hit Studios.

2 E Bench Scrunch Shirt 1

Photo: STM

I love a simple black t-shirt. How could I go wrong? Tip, black does not show sweat as much as other colours, but you already knew that.

3 E Bench Underwear Side copy

Photo: STM

When your legs are flying you want a good pair of undies to hold the boys in place 😉 I wore the black and have to say the cotton was super soft.

4 E Bench Combo 1

Photo: STM

To finish my look off I threw in a pair of knee length black shorts I had picked up from Bench last summer and are now part of my go to workout attire.

Bench Photo By Talia Brown

Photo: Talia Brown

Thanks Bench for taking me on another #BenchAdventure!

Bench Photo By Daniel Reyes

Photo: Daniel Reyes

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