In Toronto We Wear Black


In Toronto we wear black. The cold comes and we reach for black. No really, it’s a thing. So when blogger Smitten Sophie recently reached out to me about collaborating on some outfit posts, it of course ended up being mainly (for mine at least)… black.

We met up before shooting to chat about our outfits and what we wanted to capture. Smitten Sophie instantly declared she knew exactly the backdrop for me and we headed out one Sunday for some fun. Take a look below to see all of the layers of my outfit (images of myself taken by the talented Smitten Sophie and additional images by yours truly,) and get a sneak peak at Smitten Sophie’s look as well.

800 2 Pile Sohie Shoot January copy
Shot in studio, here are the garments I wore. Boots from Kenneth Cole, pants from Simons’ Le 31, coat from H&M, sweater from Le Chateau and the shirt that inspired it all, from Minimum.

The Coat:

800 HM Coat

I wanted something fun to wear this winter and when I found this at H&M I fell in love. It had the drama I was looking for but in black, making it easier to wear around town when I want to blend in from afar.

The Sweater:800 Sweater Shophie Shoot

3 stephensweater02

What can I say… I love versatile. This ribbed funnel neck sweater is from Le Chateau can be paired with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a collared shirt and dress pants like I did here.

The Pants and Shirt:

800 Shirt Sohie Shoot

800 Pants Sohie Shoot

2 stephenshirt05
I learned about Danish clothing brand Minimum at a press preview I went to late last year. Their line is, as they say on their site, classic and effortless without compromise and I could not agree more! They took the classic white shirt, fabricated it a super easy to wear cloth while maintaining a polished collared shirt silhouette and gave it extra character with this fun yet mature print.

I love Simons for offering such a wide range of pants through their house brand Le 31… and in so many sizes. I am a tall guy and finding a 36” inseam is next to impossible! Needless to say, when I visit Simons, I buy everything in three colours.

The Boots:

800 Boots Sophie Shoot copylast

4 Boots

You cannot go wrong with a clean black leather slip on boot. This pair from Kenneth Cole are what I have been grabbing all winter when nothing else works. So glad I picked these up when I did. They take the guesswork out of winter footwear.

Here is a sneak peak of Smitten Shophie’s look and a few more of mine. You can find her full post by clicking here.




2.2 stephenjacket04
3.3 stephensweater03

2.2 stephenshirt04

All images of Stephen-Thomas: Smitten Sophie

All product only images: Stephen-Thomas


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2 Responses

  1. Yes. We love our black! Great shots!

    • Stephen-Thomas M says:

      Thanks Mark! I guess the challenge is how to stand out when we all wear black… some (like you) are more creative.