Graydon Has Valentines All Bundled Up

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Ugh I know… Valentine’s Day again. If you’re single it is that one day to avoid in the cold winter months. Go ahead call in sick. Find your favourite series on Netflix and bunker down. Feeling lonely? Have a friend over to dissect why your last relationship didn’t work out. You need them to come over anyways… your corkscrew is nowhere to be found.

Oh wait, you ARE in a relationship? OK. Time to show your man just how much he means to you by finding the perfect romantic gift and card. At least Graydon Clinical Luxury is making it easier to shop for him with bundle packs featuring combinations of their products known for being gluten free, almost all vegan, organic and nut free, whenever possible. How can you go wrong?

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The Valentine bundle includes the Hand+Foot Relief Cream for us guys with dry chapped hands and feet. The All Over Elixir Face + Body Oil is good for moisturizing him… well all over (wink wink)… As far as application goes, I suggest some one-on-one time. Just don’t brag about it later to us single people!

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To top if off these two products are joined by some Vanilla Sea Salt Artisanal Dark Chocolate… because in my books it’s just not Valentine’s Day without chocolate and who knows, you might just have a craving after that application process… (again please refrain from bragging.)

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Find this #stmAPPROVED bundle on At $49 it is less than buying the oil and cream separately, plus it comes wrapped and ready to give in a drawstring bag… which you could add some “other” items to if you want. I will leave that up to you.

PS – As for the card, he doesn’t need one… and neither do I…

Photos: Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski

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