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I recently stripped down and got a little wet for the latest #stmAPPROVED. Paterson’s Cabin is a new home-grown Canadian line developed and made out near the rockies. Founder Keri-Ann Paterson and her daughter are both part of small group of people who suffer from Celiac disease and are affected by gluten on their skin.  And you thought your skin was sensitive!

Keri-Ann handmade each product’s recipe and tested many times until landing on what she found to be the best formulation for herself and her daughter’s needs. She experienced everything along the way. When creating her heritage soap she decided to use locally sourced suet (raw beef fat)… which led to a crockpot with 10lbs of sizzling suet and her entire house smelling less than desirable. It took a few days and a bit of bleach, but eventually Keri-Ann got her house smelling like home again. She soon after discovered bison tallow, with a more appealing scent, hence the bison image on the felted heritage soap I tested.

Speaking of smell, Keri-Ann has had a love affair with scents all her life. As a young girl visiting her Grandma Hazel she was often caught sneaking perfume from Avon bottles adorned with Royal Dalton figurines. In 1999 she began working with various cosmetic brands and continued to for the next 15 years before the entrepreneurial bug finally got her. She decided it was time to launch her own line in late 2015.

Read on below to learn about the three products I tested and are now #stmAPPROVED and find out just how long it takes to make a bar of soap, what I did with the scrub and how porch flowers are for guys too!

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Paterson’s Cabin Warm Cabin Body Scrub

Imagine walking in the front door of that little cabin and smelling a freshly baked apple cinnamon pie… now rub it all over yourself. MMMmm. I can’t lie, and what I am about to say might sound crazy but, (after reading the main ingredients) I grabbed a spoon and had a taste. How many body scrubs are you willing to ingest? Exactly.

2 800 Scrub Arm 1

Next I put my birthday suit on, (my fav outfit) and jumped into the shower for a full scrub down. I am happy to report it worked even better than it smelled (and tasted). If you are looking for a natural body scrub you have to try the Warm Cabin Body Scrub.

Key Ingredients: Sugar, sucrose, coconut oil, vanilla extract, vanilla planifolia fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg and myristica fragrans kernel.

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Paterson’s Cabin Heritage Soap

So I am standing in the shower with a bar of soap, covered in felt. I soak the bar wet and rub it between my hands and after a few seconds it starts to give off a faint creamy lather. The felt acted as a micro buffer while the soap seeping through the felt left my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

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I thought to myself, “WOW this stuff is good!” Well it better be good, after combining all the natural ingredients (no skin damaging chemicals here), Keri-Ann leaves it to cure for 6-8 weeks! Once cured, roving wool is applied in two directions to each bar to ensure proper coverage.

5 800 Soap Shoulder

Next the bar is tied up tightly in nylon and then submerged in hot water. The natural wool fibre, reacting to the hot water shrinks and hugs the bar of soap tightly. By hand, Keri-Ann rubs each bar in a circular motion to help finish the shrinking process and ensure the felt is good and strong and won’t fall apart in the shower during use. This process takes about ten minutes per bar. As for the cute little bison on the top of the bar well that comes next. Each bison is free hand designed with another time consuming process taking about 15 minutes.

Key Ingredients: Tallow, coconut oil, olive oil.

6 800 Cream 1

Paterson’s Cabin Porch Flowers Hand Cream

Don’t let the name fool you, this is not your great grandmother’s old lady hand cream. You will not be attacked by an overly flowery scent when you crack the lid open, which as a guy I was a little nervous about. Instead, I was greeted with a very natural, welcoming and relaxing smell. Close your eyes and take a whiff and you will be reminded of the porch of a cabin out in the woods with an old rocking chair and a small flower garden along the walk leading to the front door.

To sum it up, the scent is rustic. The cream was thick and quickly absorbed into my wintery dry hands and helped them feel soft again. I plan to be using this for the rest of the cold months.

Key ingredients: glycerine, shea butter, aloe, avocado, rosemary extract, lavender and sage essential oils.

I thoroughly enjoyed testing these products from Paterson’s Cabin and encourage you to check this new Canadian startup out. Keri-Ann is a total gem and her products are well made, well priced, natural and work. What more could you want? Check them out on instagram, @patersonscabin and head on over to to see more products.

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