Smashing Le Chateau Holiday Essentials for Him


Let’s face it, the holiday season is party central and his time to shine style wise. Between friends, family and work we all have plenty of gatherings to get ready for. So why not put something under the tree this season to help your guy (or yourself) look smashing? DEFINED BRIGHT ALL FINE

For this #stmAPPROVED we teamed up with Canada’s Le Chateau to bring you three essential party items every guy needs. Decked out in these Le Chateau essentials, we guarantee your man will be able to party the night away. As for the idle party chat… he’ll have to figure that out on his own.

First up the turtle neck. A classic black turtleneck belongs in every man’s wardrobe. They give a cool confident vibe and are the perfect option if he wants to ditch the shirt and tie. He’ll arrive looking charming and be comfortable enough to party until the end.


Sometimes something shiny is in order. This black and metallic tie will bump up his look just in time for the ball to drop. If he loosens it after midnight a bit we don’t mind, as long as he dances long into the night. Just pull him off the dance floor when he starts doing the robot.

FINAL BRIGHT SOCK brokenSome hosts prefer you don’t wear your shoes on their new carpet. If this is the case, make sure his feet are ready to mingle in these red tipped black socks. He’ll thank you with a game of footsies. Just watch out if others try and get in on the game.

FINAL Bright All Broken

Find these three holiday essentials at Le Chateau and remember to have a smashing time at the party! For more Le Chateau looks, check them out on instagram, @lechateau.

Photos: Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski

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