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We know at least one guy is looking forward to December 26th. It’s the day after his busiest day of the year! Having accomplished the fastest overnight global distribution of parcels we are guessing he wants to let loose and enjoy the great outdoors. To help him get the most out of his adventures we teamed up with Fjallraven Canada to outfit him in the best functional clothing.


First off he is going to need a warm jacket as we hear it is rather chilly up in his neck of the woods. The Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket is based off of the original with the added benefit of down to keep him toasty. Lots of pockets are present for small objects or to bury his chilly hands into. If the wind gets nasty or it starts to pour, this wind and water resistant jacket will keep him safe.

The Keb Trousers are perfect for his hike as they are designed to move and last. Pre-shaped rear and knees improve mobility while climbing to the top for the best view and lots of selfies. Zippered ventilation openings in all the right spots are ready when he works up a sweat and did we mention pockets again? He is basically wearing a file cabinet great for snacks. Hit him up for a granola bar if you see him. What, you were expecting milk and cookies?


He’ll want to put a lid on it to keep the heat in and Byron Hat with its ribbed knit lambswool is the right choice. The wool helps keep him warm while the thin weave makes sure his noggin still is able to breath and not sweat. It’s red, the season’s hottest colour of course and we think it really does suit him.

Find more outdoor lifestyle gear from Fjallraven Canada online at and get inspired by following @fjallravencanada on instagram.

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