Ebby Rane: Your Best Travel Companion


As a child I learned from my mother how to over pack, (and I was great at it!) Now, as an adult I fight the urge to throw my entire closet into my suitcase when going away for any period of time, even a quick jaunt away for the weekend. What do you mean I don’t need my snow boots in August? Then I discovered Ebby Rane.


A year and a half ago or so I had the pleasure of meeting Sonja Salmon. She was stylish, driven and organized when it came to just about everything in her life. When I learned she was the genius behind a new luggage company called Ebby Rane that was both luxurious and organized, I was not surprised.


This summer I was honoured to assist with the Ebby Rane marketing campaign by appearing in it. Shoot day was spent at Toronto’s Le Germain hotel. Between shots I was able to inspect the luggage in depth and was very impressed. Check out a short behind the scenes video of the shoot by clicking here or on any of the images in this post.


Her patented system (which is #stmAPPROVED) for carry on luggage takes the worry out of packing, helps you minimize and keeps things in their place. Using this system ensures you have everything you need for just about any trip. No more arriving at your hotel suite to open your suitcase and discover you forgot your phone charger!


The Ebby Rane carry on for woman, (do not worry gents, info on your’s is below), The Quartermaster comes in three colours, Runway Black, Cloud White and my personal favourite, Cargo Green. It is trimmed in vegetable tanned leather, includes a water resistant zipper and an extra underside handle for pulling out of the overhead bin. Rolling in on 360 degree wheels, light as a feather and smoother than a Jaguar F-Type to steer, The Quartermaster will turn heads, but like the Jag it’s what is under the hood that really counts.


Inside The Quartermaster comes ten carryall pouches, each designed for a specific group of items you will need while trotting the globe. The carryalls come with the suggested uses of Vanity, Cosmetics, Jewels, Tech, Liquids, Shoe Sleeve (2 units), Laundry, Knickers and Beach/Bath. Each carryall slides neatly into the pouch compartment to ensure maximum use of packing space and keeping lots of room for your garments.


Also available is the smart looking 1887 Clutch available in Cashmere, Cognac, Bordeaux or Onyx. Reminiscent of a classic invitation envelope, this clutch is one of those timeless pieces that can transition from day to night with just about any outfit. Bonus, it fits snugly into its own interior compartment.


With the successful introduction of The Quartermaster for women, Ebby Rane began receiving requests from men wanting their own version. After much time was spent analyzing the essential male packing regime, The Quartermaster Homme in jet black was designed.


Playing off of the system for women, The Quartermaster Homme helps us guys pack what we need and leaves nothing behind. Our seven carryall pouches come with the suggested uses of Dopp Kit for toiletries, Shaving, Tech, Ties, Laundry, Boxers & Socks and Shoe Sleeve. As an added bonus, after realizing the opposite sex just can’t be trusted to keep tabs on our personal items, Sonja created a collapsible valet tray. This brilliant addition instantly becomes the home base for your watch, wallet, room key, passport, phone and other important items we all need to grab before dashing to a meeting.


Overall a great product that is more than worthy of receiving a #stmAPPROVED seal.

Make sure to check out Ebby Rane online at www.ebbyrane.com to find detailed packing lists for both men and women of what fits in your Ebby Rane luggage, (it’s more than you think) and be inspired to travel often by following them on instagram – @ebbyrane and twitter – @ebbyrane.


Creative Director: Sonja Salmon.
Photos: Donna Santos
Stylist: Anya Shor
Hair/Makeup: Ivy Lam
Female Model: Elizabeth Schlegel
Behind The Scenes Photos: Tamara Bell
Media and Marketing: Michelle Kalman
Social Media & Marketing: Jenny Scalzo

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