Bench Feeds My Golf Shirt Addiction


So I have a confession. I am addicted to the classic golf shirt. I throw them on all summer and in the winter you will find me layering them under a wool v-neck sweater. They are the perfect in-between of a t-shirt and a casual collared shirt. I own a small pile of them, mostly black or blue, so when Bench offered me up the opportunity to give their golf shirt a test I decided to have some fun with yellow for summer and it instantly became #stmAPPROVED.



I don’t know what it is about yellow, but it makes me feel happy wearing it. I paired it with a pair of  yoga inspired fitted black Bench shorts, (perfect for being active outdoors in the summer.) The zippered front leg pocket keeps my house keys secured when I am out jogging and they are just long enough that I will wear them into the fall jogging through Toronto with the autumn leaves.


Check Bench out in stores or online and be sure to follow them on instagram here and twitter here.

Photos: Marcus Kan

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