Mirror in the Sky Launching Signature Designs


Over on Fusion Of Effects last week we told you about Mirror in the Sky and their line of signature artisan scarves hand made in Nepal. This inspiring company is dedicated to fair wages and giving back through a portion of sales going to PHASE, a local charitable organization. PHASE helps people living in the Himalayan mountains to improve health, education and their overall livelihood.

Right now Mirror in the Sky is on Indiegogo raising money to help them fully launch this beautiful signature collection. To help spread the word, Marcus Kan and I took two of our favourite scarves from the line, (Tribal Monotone in black and white and Hope in multi-colour) and photographed them in a lush green local Toronto park.


The scarves are incredibly soft thanks to their modal and cashmere content paired with the fact that every yard of the fabric is massaged by hand to finish the softening process.


Whether you are looking for something fun and colourful or more traditional, the line is full of a wide range of prints created by talented artists.


Learn more about Mirror in the Sky and check out their Indiegogo video by clicking here. We hope you will get involved by donating, (many thank you perks are available) or my sharing this post with your friends using the share buttons below.

Photos: Marcus Kan.    Styling: Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski


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