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Canadian stylist Talia Brown swears she will never wear jeggings, no matter how popular they become. Raised in North Bay and now living in Toronto’s busy downtown core, Talia Brown plays stylist to some of the country’s hottest up and coming designers while balancing commercial assignments and one-on-one styling needs for some of the city’s best dressed. When asked why she loves fashion, she replied, “I see the body as a canvas in which one can express themselves. Clothing is a form of Art.”

For this #stmINTERVIEWED Q&A I spent a Saturday afternoon playing dress up with Talia Brown. Designer Christopher Paunil opened his studio to us for our fun filled shoot. The studio is located in a dynamic space shared with U For Change, where Christopher is a fashion arts mentor to the organization’s youth. Talia’s only request for the shoot was the presence of cereal, which she absolutely adores! Read on to discover what Talia believes to be the biggest mistake one can make wardrobe wise, her top three fashion tips for men and to find out once and for all, what is the deal with little Miss Talia Brown and cereal?!?

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Q – STM – In the simplest form, what is the main function of a stylist?

A – Talia – To prepare clothing for shoots, work on set and then for the dreaded returns 🙂

Q – STM – When did you know you wanted to be a stylist and what is your favroutie part of the job?

A – Talia – The first day of school I already knew I wanted to dress life size Barbie dolls for the rest of my life. My favourite part of the job is that it always changes and I am always thinking outside the box. My life is one huge mood-board xx

STM-Eating Cereal

Q – STM – How long have you had your love of cereal and what is it about cereal that makes you so happy?

A – Talia – My obsession with cereal stems from being that typical picky kid who was also allergic to everything. Cereal is my comfort food and I love that there are a billion different varieties. New dress, new cereal and ready to take on the day!

Q – STM – What is the biggest mistake one can make with their wardrobe?

A – Talia – The biggest mistake one can make while picking their clothing for the day is picking something they do not feel themselves in. Confidence is key and comfort is a game changer.

Talia Fallen

Q – STM – What is the hardest part of your job?

A – Talia – The hardest part of my job is keeping organized and sticking to the budgets. I hate looking at price tags while creating art. Uggg if money only grew on trees.

Q – STM – Tell me about working on one of your favourite shoots. What did you enjoy about it?

A – Talia – It’s hard to have a favourite shoot. As an artist we can love something one day and hate it the next only to fall in lust with it six weeks later. I love getting the images and re-analyzing them.

Talia Couch Eating

Q – STM – What are your top three fashion tips for men?

A – Talia – My top three fashion tips for men are… 1) Don’t be afraid of colour. 2) Make sure your clothing is the right fit and size. 3) Change up your look every now and then.

Q – STM – Name two of your favourite up and coming Canadian fashion designers.

A – Talia – I love so many Canadian designers it is hard to pin point two. So I’ll just name the two I have crossed paths with recently. Andrew Coimbra is just a wonderful, talented and passionate person. His line is fun fresh and edgy all at the same time. It’s just what Canadian menswear needed. Christopher Paunil was kind enough to lend us his flirty fun dresses for the shoot. He is a real gem who gets the women’s form and adds mystery and volume to his magical pieces.

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Make sure to follow the talented @talia_stylist on instagram and @Talia_Stylist on Twitter. For all those ladies out there wondering what would a stylist choose to wear for the rest of eternity, Talia Brown confessed she would choose a classic look – “A little black dress, a sweater, tights, booties and pearl earrings.”

Special thanks to designer Christopher Paunil for outfitting Talia in his gorgeous gowns. Be sure to follow @christopherpaunil on instagram, and @ChrisPaunil on twitter.

Photography: Marcus Kan


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