BAFFI Pocket Squares for the Dapper Gent

Four in a row BAFFI

The modern man needs modern accessories. Let us introduce BAFFI, the fun non-traditional pocket square company from Canada. Made of wood, held in place with a magnet and designed to be worn in multiple ways, the BAFFI pocket square is truly a unique accessory for the dapper gent.

Starburst Baffi

Being a fan of getting the most out of our wardrobes, we took a single sports coat and BAFFI-fied it. Next we mixed and matched in some shirts and ties to produce three distinct looks while touring downtown Toronto and sticking these fun pocket squares just about everywhere! (Continue to read the full post and view all images on Fusion Of Effects by clicking here.)

Photos: Marcus Kan
Artistic Direction/Styling: Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski


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