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Bold style statements with colourful screen protectors.

Bold style statements with colourful screen protectors.

These days everyone has a smart phone and with all the cases and adornments we have for them, our phones have  become fashion accessories. Unfortunately we tend to drop them and when this happens, people cringe and inevitably someone will ask, “Is the screen ok?” Often the screen is smashed. Sure you can replace it, but that involves time and money. This is where Canadian entrepreneur Richard Waters and Phantom Glass come in.

Richard was the kid unlocking cell phones for others in high school. He was the guy who thought prescriptions glasses were too expensive and found a way to sell them to local businesses with a traveling optometrist. Richard was also the guy who said, enough is enough with these broken screens and peeling useless screen protectors.

Using his knowledge of eyeglass lens factories he, at the age of 20 no less, developed a screen protector that blew my mind when I saw it demoed by the young entrepreneur himself. First off, installation is a breeze. Watch this video to see how easy it is to install. What really impressed me was the product’s mind boggling resistance and strength.

Available for a large range of touch screen devices.

Available for a large range of touch screen devices.

After installing the product in front of us on a brand new iPhone, Richard handed Marcus Kan a box cutter knife and asked him to scratch the screen. Marcus went to town with the knife but his efforts were pointless. Then Marcus was handed a hammer. (Ok kids maybe you don’t need to try this one at home…. but we did!) Marcus proceeded to forcefully hammer the screen, but nothing happened! The screen was fine. I could tell you all the technical details involving features like its silicone nano-adhesion layer, oleophobic nano-coating and how it will never bubble and fills in scratches on your screen, but you can just visit or watch this video to find out more. The point is, it is an incredible product and it does what it says it will do which is one of the reasons why Phantom Glass is #stmAPPROVED.

I also appreciate the colour options. As I said above, our phones have become fashion accessories. We are not satisfied with the standard design of the device. As consumers we demand the option to customize and Phantom Glass serves up fun colourful options to compliment your style. (I vote for the red… or maybe the citrus green?)

Before you head out this weekend to finish up (or in my case begin), your holiday shopping, consider adding #stmAPPROVED Phantom Glass products to your list. Phantom Glass is available for most smart phones, tablets and other devices at Jump+, Staples, Amazon and other retailers.

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