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With the holiday shopping season upon us, ebay.ca teamed up with local designers, boutiques and sellers from around the world to bring together an offering of Festive Favourites for your gifting needs. These are my top five #stmAPPROVED picks from the Festive Favourites collection, perfect for him, her and the hosts of all your holiday parties.

Rebels Refinery_Men's Gift Package

First up, for him is this three-piece skin care set from Rebels Refinery. Included are their Advanced Clear Skin Facial Cleanser (100ml), Advanced Clear Skin Facial Scrub (100ml) and their Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer (100ml). This all natural skin care set is priced at $39 and comes in a burlap sack. Click here to buy on ebay.ca.

Rebels Refinery is unlike other skin care brands who are just in it for the money. This down to earth brand cares about their customers and stays away from synthetic ingredients. On their site they state, “We want our customers to know that we are always looking out for their best interests and providing them with great prices. We will never try and sell you an $80 anti-aging cream that does little more than a basic moisturizer. That’s not what we are about.” What are they about? Making men look and feel great while raising money and awareness for prostate cancer foundations. Learn more about Rebels Refinery here.

Joseph Nogucci_Hip Socks copy

Next up for him are these incredibly fun socks from Soxbury X Joseph Nogucci. This quirky pattern celebrates the hipster movement upon us now with graphics from designers Mario Christian, Luca Daniel & Heng Tang. Perfect for any holiday party, these colourful socks fit sizes 10-13 and sell for $9. Click here to buy on ebay.ca.

Soxbury was created by the architectural design team of Luca Daniel, Mario Christian & Heng Tang. On their website, this dynamic team shares their belief that “great design and self expression is a right not a privilege.” When it comes to fashion, what easier way is there to show who you are and what you are about than through socks? Put your best foot forward with a snazzy pair of socks from Soxbury. Learn more about Soxbury here.

600 Shop for Jayu_Belle Necklace2You can never go wrong with jewellery for the holidays. This double strand pearl like piece from Shop for Jayu is sure to make a statement with just about any outfit. I admire the thoughtful touch of the soft velvety black ribbon, which not only enhances the design of this piece, but allows it to be worn at varied lengths. Priced at $36, this neclace is easy to give or keep for yourself. Click here to buy on ebay.ca.

The Shop for Jayu brand offers high quality designs at affordable prices. Designer Sally Han entered the industry when she launched sister brand Psalms 91:1 nearly a decade ago. In Korean, Jayu means freedom. Through her companies, Han aims to create job opportunities for widows and marginalized individuals in Africa, Canada and Korea. Learn more about Shop Jayu here.

600 Joseph Nogucci_3D Bracelets 1

Keeping with the jewelery theme, this set of bangle bracelets from Joseph Nogucci is designed in Toronto and plated in 24K gold, black enamel and rhodium respectively. The bracelets are 3D prototyped in the US and finished in Canada. Wear them separately or stack them up to create the ultimate wrist game this holiday season. The exquisite set of three sells for only $69. Click here to buy on ebay.ca.

Joseph Nogucci is comprised of a team of three former arctiects who left the notion of designging buildings for their love of designing wearable art. Joseph Nogucci offers a range of designs crafted from semiprecious stones, metals crystals and more. Learn more about Joseph Nogucci here.

600 Joseph Nogucci_Toscana Wine Boards 3The Joseph Nogucci team also have you covered when it comes to the holiday host. While their above bracelets are perfect for her, their ingenius set of interlocking wine boards do double duty as an extra long cutting board when joined together. Used individually, they are the perfect dining trays for holiday party guests. The brilliant design includes a resting place for your wine glass and is easy to hold as you shake hands with other guests, or load up your board with more nibblies. The set of three boards are made of 100% bamboo and sell for $34. Click here to buy on ebay.ca.

600 Joseph Nogucci_Toscana Wine Boards 2Make sure you visit ebay.ca this season while on the hunt for the perfect gifts. Remember, the unexpected gifts are often the best. Enter keywords in the ebay.ca search field based on the receiver’s interests to help you find items to surprise and delight. To stay on budget, use the price filter option and remember to keep a little room in the budget for yourself. Happy Holidays!  STM

All Photos: ebay.ca

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