Male Model Maxime Sigouin

Photographer - Jae Feinberg

Photographer – Jae Feinberg

Growing up in small town Bristol Quebec, 6’2” farm boy Maxime Sigouin was teased for being tall and lanky by his classmates. It was hard work taking care of the farm animals, but he took advantage of the 140 acres he called home by learning to shoot bow and arrow.

As a teen he took to basketball with determination, training all year round. Going for a 5am run in four foot Canadian snow wearing heavy snow boots did not seem strange to him. He had a dream to go far in basketball and was ready to work at it. Sure enough, after high school Maxime landed on a university basketball team and spent 2 years with the team before taking a semester off. It was at this time he discovered his passion for bodybuilding.

Photographer- Katia Pershin Stylist-Alyssa Beltempo Makeup Artist- Natalie Peachy

Photo: Katia Pershin
Stylist: Alyssa Beltempo
Makeup Artist: Natalie Peachy

The tall and thin boy transformed himself into 210 pounds of muscle as he pursued bodybuilding. (He has since then slimed down in order to work in fashion.) It was a friend who suggested Maxime try modeling. Having never thought of himself as a model and worried he did not have the face for it, the extremely nervous young man went to an open call for a local agency, Angie’s Model and Talent. He was signed. At his first runway show Maxime could not stop smiling and was worried he would not be able to relax his smile for the runway, which demanded a stark model stare. Somehow he calmed his excitement and stepped out onto the runway for his first walk of many to come.

Early this summer Maxime decided to see how far he could go in modeling and knew the next step would be landing a New York based agent. He tirelessly walked from agency to agency in New York for meetings his Canadian agency had arranged. Returning home no further ahead, Maxime told himself he had to stay positive and not give up as he had only just begun. Miraculously, within two weeks of returning home, Frame Models in New York contacted Maxime wanting to sign him.

Photo: Shayne Gray Designer: Noel Crisostomo

Photo: Shayne Gray
Designer: Noel Crisostomo

Still new to the modeling world, Maxime admits the constant travel is an adjustment. He often does not get enough sleep and misses meals, but is quickly learning how to balance it all with the help of friends. In August he found himself with nowhere to stay while in Toronto for TOM*FW (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week.) Prepared to sleep in his car he was saved by fellow model Stevo Trann who took him in. The two can now often be seen in behind the scenes photos on social media.

Having worked for less than a year to date, Maxime has modeled for Alan Ta, Noel Chrisostomo, Paul Nathapol, HD Homme, Lafaille, Christian L’Enfant Roi, Pedram Karimi, Amy Scarlett and more while making appearances at shows including TOM*FW (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week,) and FMD (Festival Mode and Design in Montreal.)

This young, incredibly optimistic and inspiring model is determined to keep going and has hopes to one day model for brands such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbanna and Burberry. You can follow Maxime Sigouin on instagram, (@maxime_sigouin) to stay up to date with his journey.

Photo: Katia Pershin Stylist: Alyssa Beltempo Makeup Artist: Natalie Peachy

Photo: Katia Pershin
Stylist: Alyssa Beltempo
Makeup Artist: Natalie Peachy


Photo: Jae Feinberg

Photo: Jae Feinberg



Stevo Trann and Maxime Sigouin Instagram: @stevotrann @maxime_sigouin



Maxime Sigouion with friends Stephanie Griffin and Rachel Laurent of

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