Behind the Artists: Judy Inc.

Photo: Andrew Soule

Photo: Andrew Soule, Judy Inc.

The designer, model, photographer, stylist and often the makeup and hair artist get credit when a great photo is produced, but who brings these people together? The team at Judy Inc is more often than not responsible for many of the players. Judy Inc was founded in 1999 by television personality and celebrity stylist David Clemmer and today represents artists internationally. David is joined for this #stmINTERVIEWED Q&A by his associate Mitchell Young, a former booking agent who assisted in launching their Vancouver office and now heads up marketing for the agency.


David Clemmer – Photo: Genevieve Charonneau, Judy Inc. Mitchell Young – Photo: Eydis Einarsdottir

Q. – STM – What is your opinion of the Canadian fashion industry today? What is it doing well and how could it improve?

A. – David – I think because of the Canadian population it’s difficult to have budgets compared to larger markets. We have proven that we have the creativity but it can be difficult for people like designers to make it because of high costs to be in the fashion industry.

Q. – STM – Tell me about some of your most notable works. The ones you are really proud to have been a part of.

A. – David – I was very happy with the Target Canada launch when we worked with them on their media fashion show to introduce their spring/summer line before any stores debuted in Canada.  We worked with them on casting, choreography, music, and the best part about the show was half of the models were working the runway on ice!

Q. -STM – How has social media changed how you do your job?

A. –  Mitchell – 
Social media has added a whole new component to our job, it’s become a great way to showcase our work and connect with fans, artists, and clients.
 With so many social outlets it’s become a secondary marketing tool for us. We like to stay active by increasing our social reach, especially via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Q.- STM – What is the one assumption people make most often in this business which they are completely wrong about?

A. – David – People do not always realize this industry is a business, people forget that it’s a real job.  Because what is produced is so beautiful, people forget that it is a business and how long it takes to make a beautiful image.

Q. – STM – Where do you find the people you represent?

A. – David – 
A large part of where we find our artists, (photographers, studio services, makeup artists, 
hair artists, fashion stylists, off figure stylists, prop and tabletop stylists, 
food stylists, producers, and videographers
) is through word of mouth. We’ve been fortunate enough to have incredible artists come to us looking for representation.   We also find artists through really good school programs, colleges, and universities across Canada. We’ve even had great interns that expand on to our roster.

Photo: Genevieve Charbonneau, Judy Inc. Makeup and Hair: David Allan Jones, Judy Inc.

Photo: Genevieve Charbonneau, Judy Inc. Makeup and Hair: David Allan Jones, Judy Inc.

Q. – STM – What do you do when someone approaches you wanting you to represent them, but you know they are not ready for this business professionally?

A. – Mitchell – I basically just tell them the old 4-H motto, ‘learn to do by doing’.  The only way to gain experience and develop professionalism in the industry is to start small and then build from there. Every photo shoot and meeting come with learning moments and growth. 
There are also courses and programs offered that can help educate students who want to study a particular trade in the industry.

Q. – STM – What is the one piece of advice you would give a photographer?

A. – David – Do your homework, research trends and styles, find new ideas and concepts.  
And Listen. Listen to your agents and clients so you can successfully translate that on projects.

Photo: Lily & Lilac, Judy Inc. Fashion Styling: Nadia Pizzimenti, Judy Inc.

Photo: Lily & Lilac, Judy Inc. Fashion Styling: Nadia Pizzimenti, Judy Inc.

Q. – STM – What is the one piece of advice you would give an aspiring makeup or hair stylist.

A. – Mitchell – 
Keep working on your portfolio, it can be tough but it has to start somewhere.  Start contacting new photographers and agencies for new models.  
It’s an industry where only the strong (and talented) survive so hang in there. 
If a photo shoot doesn’t turn out, don’t be discouraged. Use it as a learning experience and take that knowledge in to your next shoot.

Q. – STM – Tell me about a time you worked a miracle for a client. What was the situation and what did you do?

A. – David – As agents we work small miracles every day!   Getting artists to set on time, dealing with models stuck at airports, power outages, timelines, locations, etc all require miracles to make it happen. Performing those small miracles are the hardest part.  I’m grateful when it’s finalized but it’s stressful during the process.  And pleasing everyone is always a challenge.

Q. – STM – What is the best part of your job?

A. – David – 
When clients and artists are really happy and seeing final projects come through after the hard work is done.

A. – Mitchell – Seeing projects come in after all the hard work that goes in to them. 
And the free swag, that’s pretty great too!

Photo: Joseph Saraceno, Judy Inc

Photo: Joseph Saraceno, Judy Inc

Q. – STM – Where do you find the energy to keep going in this fast paced industry?

A. –  David – 
The energy of the industry feeds me what I need to keep going.  Which is almost an addiction.

A. – Mitchell – I’m naturally a busy and hard working person (must be the Maritime roots) so keeping up with the industry and its demands comes fairly easy. 
I play sports so that can be rejuvenating and a great way to burn off a long day.  And there’s red wine…that always helps.

Q. – STM – What would you each want to do career wise if you were not doing this?

A. -David – 
I would work in advertising and PR.  We work with those industries quite closely and it fascinates me how consumers are affected/controlled by  beautiful images and events, and how that philosophy works.

A. – Mitchell – An actor or something creative using my hands, building something.

To learn more about Judy Inc and their team visit: David, Mitchell and Judy Inc. can be found on instagram, @davidclemmer, @mitchbehavin,  @judyinc@judymtl and on twitter @DavidClemmer1, @mitchbehavin@JudyINC.

Photo: Andrew Soule, Judy Inc. Makeup and Hair: Jackie Shawn, Judy Inc.

Photo: Andrew Soule, Judy Inc. Makeup: Jackie Shawn, Judy Inc.

Photo: Shannon Ross, Judy Inc. Off Figure Styling: Michelle Burca, Judy Inc.

Photo: Shannon Ross, Judy Inc. Off Figure Styling: Michelle Burca, Judy Inc.

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